Referees Given More Power to Punish Badly-Behaved Managers Referees Given More Power to Punish Badly-Behaved Managers

Referees Given More Power to Punish Badly-Behaved Managers

Managers and coaches of the 72 EFL clubs and twenty-four Vanarama National League outfits will need to be on their best behaviour next season as referees have been given new powers allowing them to show yellow and red cards in a bid to improve standards.
From the beginning of the 2018/19 campaign yellow and red cards will be shown to managers as part of a major shakeup to improve touchline behaviour. The new rules, which work in a similar way to cards for players, will be also be used in the Emirates FA Cup and will punish managers who are 'guilty of irresponsible behaviour'.

Managers whose sides compete in the EFL's Championship, League One, and League Two, Carabao Cup, and Checkatrade Trophy as well as the Vanarama National League - where four yellow cards will result in a one-match ban - will also have to improve their touchline etiquette as referees are now able to penalise them for behaviour which often went unpunished under the previous system.

Under the experiment, which has been produced by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), managers will be shown a yellow card for offences including throwing or kicking water bottles and sarcastically clapping at the referee.

Delaying the restart of play, deliberately entering the technical area of the opposing team and gesturing in an inflammatory way will be punished in the same way. Two yellow cards will result in the manager being shown a red card and dismissed, and they could then face suspension from future matches, just as players are following cumulative yellow cards.

Meanwhile in the National League four yellow cards will result in a one match ban, eight will result in a two-match ban, 12 a three-match ban and more than 16 an FA misconduct charge. While straight red cards will be shown to managers for violent conduct, the use of insulting or abusive language or gestures, spitting at any person and stepping onto the pitch.

EFL Chief Executive Shaun Harvey, speaking at the EFL launch, told Sky Sports News; "For a long time now match officials and referees in particular have obviously been in charge of conduct of the benches and indeed remain in charge.

"What you might see though in the EFL games this season is rather than that word going on and the referee turning to go to the business end of what's going on the pitch, if he believes the conduct of the bench, usually led by the manager, is such then he will show a yellow card to the manager. Ultimately if the managers and the behaviour of the bench doesn't change then there could be a second yellow and the manager will be taking a trip to the stands.

"Of course, as you do see from time to time, managers get sent to the stands anyway but that will be a lot clearer this time as a red card will be shown. This isn't about creating drama - this is about creating clarity, so everybody inside the stadium knows what is happening. You will be seeing it in the EFL as a first and it will be an interesting experience to see how it works."
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