Banks's Stadium: Guidance for Supporters Following Government Announcements Banks's Stadium: Guidance for Supporters Following Government Announcements
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Banks's Stadium: Guidance for Supporters Following Government Announcements

The club has released an update for supporters planning to visit Banks's Stadium.
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Following on from the Government announcements on Wednesday, 8th December, the club would kindly like to ask supporters attending the Banks’s Stadium to follow some additional measures.

Officials are encouraging supporters to wear a face mask (unless medically exempt) when not seated in their seats and walking around the stadium.

They also encourage supporters to wear a face mask in indoor areas of the stadium when not eating or drinking.

Where possible, please observe social distancing.

As the Banks's is a seated outdoor venue with less than 10,000 spectators, COVID-19 certification will not be required when attending the Banks’s Stadium under current guidelines.

The club would like to remind all supporters of our spectator code of conduct which we ask everyone visiting the Banks’s Stadium to follow.


In order to assist our staff and stewards, and to help protect you and your fellow spectators, you are kindly requested to follow these guidelines.

  • Spectators must not attend if they are suffering from COVID-19 symptoms or if they are feeling unwell.
  • At all times and in all parts of the ground where possible, please observe social distancing and avoid close contact with others.
  • Arrive in good time
  • Make sure in advance that you know where your entry point is
  • Please avoid bringing bags so as to avoid delays on entry.
  • Be aware that all payments at the ground are contactless. The Banks’s Stadium is a cashless Stadium
  • You are requested to wear a face covering when in and moving around the Stadium.
  • Remain in your seat at all times wherever possible.
  • If you do need to leave your viewing position, wait for a time when the gangway is clear and always follow the signs indicating which way to go.
  • If you are seated, when moving past other spectators, to and from your seat, please avoid face to face contact with other spectators.
  • Maintain good hand hygiene – use the sanitiser dispensers provided and avoid touching your face, or handles, railings etc. whenever possible.
  • Please observe respiratory etiquette – always cover your mouth if needing to cough or sneeze.
  • Avoid hugs, high-fives and any close contact with people who are not within your social bubble.
  • Take care when shouting, singing or celebrating.
  • Please do not approach players for “selfies” & or autographs.
  • If you feel ill, please contact your nearest steward, and you will then be directed to our medical team.
  • When leaving the ground, please be patient and observe social distancing guidelines where possible
  • All EFL ground regulations remain in force.

The club wishes to thank you for your support and co-operation.
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