EFL: Clubs Can Now Opt-Out of Producing a Matchday Programme

The EFL’s Summer Conference 2018 has concluded, with a number of proposals formally adopted into EFL Regulations during its Annual General Meeting.
In total, seventeen regulation amendments or additions were put forward by the EFL Board alongside one proposed resolution to amend the Articles of Association.

Seventy-five pre-centof the membership is required to pass a change in the Articles, whilst 50% plus one of all Clubs and 50% plus one of Championship Clubs is needed to effect a change in EFL regulations.

One of the issues discussed at the AGM was the viability of matchday programmes, which have seen a significant decline in sales over recent years and can often cost a large amount of money to produce, something which can become a burden on clubs with tight budgets.

A number of Clubs had previously asked the EFL if the mandatory publication of a match programme could be addressed as a result of an overall decline in sales and the proliferation of digital and social media, which has the ability to deliver the same content in a more cost effective manner. Mandatory publication of a programme was required due to a number of the EFL’s partnership, sponsorship and opt-in agreements.

EFL Clubs approved an amendment which allows Clubs to opt out of providing advertising in match programmes on the basis it is replaced with other inventory. This amendment will mean that the requirement to deliver programme advertising in the EFL Regulations will only apply if a match programme is produced. The amended regulation provides each Club with the option to determine whether or not they publish a match programme.
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