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Whitney Won't Dwell on the Past as He Continues to Plan for the Future

Jon Whitney has insisted that he is excited for the future of Walsall Football Club.
Walsall manager Jon Whitney has spoken to the local press ahead of this evening's Fans Focus event, which will see the manager joined by club Secretary Dan Mole, Director Leigh Pomlett, and Chief Executive Stefan Gamble as they answer questions from fans in attendance, and has insisted that he is excited for the future.

Jon, who was speaking via the Express & Star, said; "I won’t look back on 2017 – instead I will look forward, 2017 has been and gone. I will concentrate on 2018 because I can do something about that. I am very optimistic, very positive and excited about the year ahead.

"That is not going to change. That is me, it is in my make-up. I am a positive person. I’m excited about this group of players and their potential. I am also excited about the January transfer window and the changes that are going to come. We will do everything we can to get points on the board and climb the table. This football club is a special place and that is why I am looking forward to 2018."

Whitney then went on to talk about his determination to improve as a manager, he continued; "I want to get better in everything I do, in the football world and outside the football world. I believe you can learn every day so of course I am here to improve. I enjoy this job and I really enjoy helping young players. I'm here to help players improve and showcase their talents."
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