Kieron Morris - "We Need to Win These Two Home Games"
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Kieron Morris - "We Need to Win These Two Home Games"
Kieron Morris - "We Need to Win These Two Home Games"

Kieron Morris - "We Need to Win These Two Home Games"

10:43 am Saturday, 18 November 2017 @BescotBanter  
As Walsall get set to return to action this weekend, winger Kieron Morris has spoken to the local press and admitted that the Saddlers need to win their next two home games, including this afternoon's League One clash with Gillingham, if they are to start to get the fans back onside.

Speaking via the Express & Star, Kieron acknowledged fans frustration but insisted that securing back-to-back wins could go a long way to getting them back onside, he said; "We need to win these two home games. The fans are a bit frustrated at the minute but two wins would be a big boost for everyone. It would boost the club, the players and the fans. We usually put in good displays at home. And I think this is a perfect opportunity to get two wins and build a winning mentality. If we get these two wins I think everyone will be delighted."

23-year-old Morris then went on to discuss what he and his teammates have been doing during the international break, insisting that the squad is ready and raring to go, he continued; "We have worked really hard during the international break. We know we need to be more consistent and they we needed to iron out some of the mistakes. We have done a lot of work on shape and movement. And we have done a lot of work in possession and trying to get the ball moving again.

"We have got technical players in the team and I think we are at our best when we get the ball down and play. We have gone direct at times this season and it’s about trying to get that balance.

"You have to go direct at times, just to put teams on the back foot. But you also have to know when to get it down and play. It’s crucial we know the rights times and the right areas to do that. But the past week or so has been really good. It’s not often you get so much time on the training ground. But this has given us an opportunity to get fit and be raring to go again."

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