Whitney Welcomes Walsall's Budget Statement×
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Whitney Welcomes Walsall's Budget Statement
Whitney Welcomes Walsall's Budget Statement
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Whitney Welcomes Walsall's Budget Statement
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Whitney Welcomes Walsall's Budget Statement

10:54 pm Wednesday, 26 July 2017  
Walsall boss Jon Whitney has spoken to Saddlers reporter Joseph Masi and sought to correct some of the rumours surrounding the club's recent statement.
Walsall manager Jon Whitney has spoken to the local press following the Saddlers' pre-season defeat to West Bromwich Albion, and has sought to clarify the situation surrounding the statement which was released by the club earlier in the day.

46-year-old Whitney, who was speaking to Express & Star reporter Joseph Masi, insisted that, contrary to several social media suggestions, he played a part in the statement as he and the club were keen to clarify the situation surrounding this season's transfer budget, he said; "I actually helped put the statement together. Nothing is ever done on a whim at this football club. And nothing is ever done individually, it’s done on a collective.

"We have known for a long time, myself and the directors, that we needed to get something out. I think it is key moving forward. We have got the open day on Monday and the fans forum as well. We just wanted to make it clear where we are as a club and where we are going moving forward over the next few months and years."

The manager also insisted that he is still on the lookout for a new striker, but is keen to sign the right person, he continued; "I am still looking to recruit in the window and it’s still open until the end of August. We are speaking to players, a striker is the priority and hopefully we can get the right person in."

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