Monday, 19 June 2017

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O'Connor - "We've Got to Learn From Our Mistakes"

O'Connor - "We've Got to Learn From Our Mistakes"

32-year-old O'Connor, who has made over 100 first-team appearances since joining the club in the summer of 2014, thinks the remaining members of the squad will cope with another overhaul.
As he and his teammates continue to enjoy their brief summer break, Walsall defender James O'Connor has spoken to club journalists and discussed his belief that last season was a big learning curve and should serve the club well heading into the 2017/18 campaign.

James, who was speaking via, went on to discuss his view that last season's big turnover in players will help the remaining squad this summer, as the same appears to be happening once again, he said; "Last season was a big learning curve. It wasn’t the most ideal of circumstances to go into the season with a new squad.

"We had a big turnaround of players and it made it tough at times – but those tough times should stand us in good stead moving forward. Sometimes you can learn more from difficult times and hopefully that will be the case. There were some good points last year and some bad points – it was a mixed bag.

"But you can always learn from the experience and as a team, and as individuals, it’s important we do that. We’ve got to learn from our mistakes, and learn from the good things we did as well, and take it all into next year."

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