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The Football Association have today received recommendations to create a so-called 'Premier League B' tier within the Football League.
The Football Association have today received recommendations to create a so-called 'Premier League B' tier within the Football League.

The creation of a new tier is at the heart of the Football Association commission's four-point plan to boost English football.

The review also calls for a ban on non-EU players outside of the top flight and a reduction in non-homegrown players in Premier League squads.

It also wants to develop 'strategic loan partnerships' between clubs.
The suggestions come as a response to a lack of available English talent.

In the 2012-13 Premier League only 32% of starters qualified for England.

The most controversial proposal would be establishing a new League Three in 2016-17 made up of 10 Premier League B teams and 10 from the Conference. Of the B team squad, 19 of the 25 should be under the age of 21 and 20 of the 25 should qualify for the home-grown rule and no non-EU players allowed.

In terms of home-grown players allowed in each Premier League squad, the Commission recommends a phased reduction in the number of non home-grown players in top-flight squads from 17 to 12 - starting in 2016-17 and reaching that target by 2021.

In terms of work permits, the Commission proposes a cap on two non-EU players per squad, and that no players on overseas visas should be allowed to play below the Premier League, nor loaned to any other club in England.

The report, read out by Greg Dyke states, "There should be 90 English players playing over 50% of minutes in the Premier League (or any other top five European league) compared with 66 today - of these 30 should be playing in the top six teams in the Premier League compared with the 18 today.

The four problem areas identified by the FA commission

Area 1 - Inadequate and insufficient playing opportunities for 18-20 year-old elite players at top clubs.

Area 2 - Regulation of the player market in England is not effective in preserving the desired balance of British, EU and non-EU players in clubs.

Area 3 - Coaching and coach development, essentially at grassroots level, have not yet reached a satisfactory level and impact.

Area 4 - England lags behind in the quantity and quality of affordable grassroots facilities, particularly in the provision of all-weather pitches.

"This is still lower than the figures being achieved in Germany and Spain today but it would take English football back to a figure last achieved in 2000".

National team manager Roy Hodgson said: "I welcome the proposals. Having worked at all levels of football, and across different countries and cultures, I have some reference points about what needs to be done in England.

"But I am just one voice of many who have contributed to this important study and I hope the debate that has been provoked can lead to some real developments in our game."

The proposed changes would be phased in over a five-year period.

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