Blog: Good Times Ahead, But Lessons Must be Learned Blog: Good Times Ahead, But Lessons Must be Learned

Blog: Good Times Ahead, But Lessons Must be Learned

The new season is upon us on whilst there are plenty of reasons to be cheerful, it's important to learn from past mistakes.
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It's been a summer of change in WS1. After enduring another dismal campaign, which saw the team eventually drag themselves clear of danger under Matt Taylor's replacement Michael Flynn, we finally seem to be heading in the right direction.

Years of decline saw the club edge ever-closer to the seemingly inevitable drop into non-league football as, despite plenty of positive words and phrases coming from the boardroom and backroom, there appeared to be little in the way of progress with relegation, close-calls and simply shocking showings the only thing many modern Saddlers fans have ever seen.

A squad all-too-low on talent and more importantly desire, coupled with a fanbase which was rightfully becoming disenchanted with what was being served up on a weekly basis was a truly toxic combination which, until the recent revolution, looked to be a permanent fixture for those of us who actually chose to turn up on any given matchday.

However, and with very little warning, along came Benjamin Boycott and the Trivela Group who descended on Fortress Bescot and offered more than just a glimmer of hope in what has been a truly dismal period in the long history of our beloved club.

With fresh faces, tailored suits and a clearly ambitious plan in hand, the new group has used its short time at the club wisely and has already managed to begin the long journey towards truly reuniting the club with its supporters and, whilst we're in the very early stages of the revolution, we can finally see great days ahead.

Clearly, there are still many issues yet to be resolved, the ownership of the newly-christened Poundland Bescot Stadium, the direction of the first-team, and revitalisation of the academy being just a few, but we're confident the club is on the right track and, whether success is achieved this season or in one of the campaigns to come, there are plenty of reasons for us all to get behind the team.

But, whilst it's great to be able to look ahead and see a promising future, it's equally important to learn from past mistakes, and as such the newly reset board of directors simply has to be willing to react quickly when the brown stuff hits the fan.

With promotion not only on the minds of the fans but coming from the lips of Head Coach Michael Flynn, another season of struggle simply can't be allowed to happen, whether the manager is a nice guy or not, stagnation is never acceptable.

Too many recent campaigns have been allowed to simply slip away thanks to the misguided belief that things will eventually fall into place, this has to end, especially if our new owners are to achieve even the slightest bit of success during their time in WS1.

Let's be clear, we're more than happy to back the boys heading into the new campaign and, following the much-needed summer of recruitment which has so far seen some fifteen players make the move to our portion of the Black Country, are in confident mood before a competitive game has even taken place, but we'll always err on the side of caution, it is Walsall FC we're talking about, after all.
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