Football's 'Booze Ban' Could Be Lifted as Government Look to Get Fans Back into Stadiums

It is being reported that the UK government is considering lifting the ban which currently forbids football fans from consuming alcohol within sight of the pitch.
The ban, which was introduced in 1985, has often been called into question by fans as it regularly leads to major congestion on the concourses before, during and after matches as fans look to either celebrate their success or drown their sorrows.

With may other major sports already allowing fans to take a tipple to their seats football fans have long thought that they were being unfairly singled out as they were forced to choose between paying attention to their heroes or sinking a cold one during matchday.

The government are said to be keen to see fans back inside grounds by October, and the lifting of the rule could play a major factor in attracting fans back to games, with a trial period likely to take place before any final decisions are made.

As the government along with EFL, FA and Premier League continue to look for ways to boos clubs' income following the lengthy coronavirus lockdown it seems Saddlers fans may soon be able to sup an incredibly cold pint of Banks's as they watch their heroes mount a challenge on the League Two title in 2020/21.

According to the Daily Mail, Any lifting of the ban, which is a piece of legislation, would need government support. Known as The Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol etc) Act 1985, the ruling was brought in after years of trouble on the terraces.

It only applies to stadiums in England and Wales, with Scotland having a total ban, brought in following violence at the 1980 Scottish Cup Final between Celtic and Rangers.

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