Walsall Will 'Keep Looking' But Are Unlikely to Make a Deadline Day Signing

Walsall manager Darrell Clarke has spoken ahead of Friday's Transfer Deadline, and confirmed he is unlikely to add another player to his squad despite looking to add an experienced winger for the last few weeks.
Clarke has already signed 18-year-old Reading winger Jack Nolan and loaned in Fleetwood Town defensive midfielder Nathan Sheron in the January window and has continued to search for one more signing.

However, after missing out on several targets, the manager says the club have no deals in the pipeline before tomorrow's deadline but insists he will keep looking until the window has closed before concentrating upon the players he has at his disposal.

Speaking via the Express & Star, Darrell said; "I'd have taken the right, experienced permanent wide player. I don't want to bring any more loans in and I don't want to bring any more development players in from other football clubs – I don't see any point.

"I'd only be interested in the right sort of permanent wide player. As it stands we were in for a few but they chose other football clubs for different reasons, that's football, that's life.

"I won't go and waste money for the sake of wasting money. If we have to work with the squad that we've got, we will. We have younger players coming through, which is very important at Walsall.

"We won't spend money willy-nilly and we'll save it for a rainy day if need be. We're always looking, I'm still looking without a shadow of a doubt. The chairman is well aware of what we're trying to do and he's fully behind it.

"He's also appreciative that we won't go in and just pluck somebody up so people can have a smile on their face and say 'oh brilliant we have a new signing in'.

"It has to be right for the football club and in certain aspects I'm looking after the football club more than myself. I think it's the right thing to do if we don't get the right player."
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