Walsall's 2019/20 Player Fines Revealed

Following the recent leaking of Chelsea FC's player fines list, which included the princely sum of £20,000 for being late for training, and via the delights of Twitter we can bring you Walsall FC's somewhat cheaper alternative.
Including fines for leaving a dirty kit inside out, not washing bottles after training, and not singing at their initiation, Walsall players have their work cut out of they are to avoid losing a portion of their weekly wage with over twenty rules to adhere to.

On Tuesday, leaked images circulated showing the internal fines list at Premier League side Chelsea, which left many fans taken aback at the hefty punishments awaiting those who fell foul of the various rules and regulations.

Along with the £20,000 fine for being late to training, there was also a £500 fine for EVERY MINUTE a squad member misses a team meeting. Thankfully for the Saddlers squad they're not expected to stump up such vast sums.

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