Leigh Pomlett: "It’s Critically Important to Stick Together"

Walsall chairman Leigh Pomlett has spoken ahead of this weekend's Emirates FA Cup - First Round clash between the Saddlers and Darlington, and admitted that the month of October was a horrible one as the Saddlers slumped to five successive defeats.
Sadly for the Saddlers, November hasn't got off to a solid start either as they were defeated by Swindon Town last weekend, the result adding yet more weight on the shoulders of the manager and his players as they continue to search for that winning formula.

Pomlett. who replaced Jeff Bonser at the helm during the summer, believes fans should be able to air their views and went on to call upon supporters to stick with the team, before goining on to criticise the minority who go from critical to abusive, with the chairman seeking to remind everyone that many members of the current squad are still quite young.

Speaking via Saddlers TV, which you can watch via the club's official YouTube Channel, Leigh said; "I think it’s been worse than a disappointing month, it’s been a horrible month. Let me say a couple of things which are really important.

"I absolutely will defend to my dying breath the right of any football fan to have his say, providing it’s done in the right way or spirit. I remember in the first fans’ forum I said we needed to stick together through difficult times as well as good ones.

"I was very clear that I didn’t want there to be abuse of anybody anywhere in this football club. I want us to be successful football club and a decent one.

"While I understand the frustrations and, to a point, the anger over the last month, this should not spill over into abuse of anybody including our footballers. Let’s not forget some of those are 18, 19 and 20 year olds."

Pomlett, who recently stepped down from several other business commitments to concentrate on the Saddlers, went on to call for unity as he believes the club’s board, staff, players, and fans must all be on the same page if they are to succeed.

He continued; "It’s critically important to stick together. I think the successes of any football club and sporting organisation relies on all different elements working together.

"With us it’s the board, the team and the supporters all pulling together. The catalyst will always be winning football matches. I think a lot of the problematic behaviour will go away if we win.

"It’s true in life, it’s how you behave when things aren’t going great as opposed to when they are, which is a true test. I will be working with Darrell and his team to give the fans results they should have.

"We should not be in the lower reaches of this league. Of that I have no doubt in my mind. But we need to prove it and when we start to prove it the club will settle down and behaviour will become a lot more friendly than I’ve seen over the last couple of weeks."
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