Number of Football Related Arrests Drops by 14%×
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Number of Football Related Arrests Drops by 14%
Number of Football Related Arrests Drops by 14%
Bescot Banter logo
Number of Football Related Arrests Drops by 14%
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Number of Football Related Arrests Drops by 14%

6:10 pm Thursday, 23 November 2017  
The number of Football-related arrests have fallen once more and remain at historically low levels, according to Government statistics, which were released today.
Statistics released by the Home Office reveal that a total of 1,638 football-related arrests were made during the 2016/17 campaign, a stat which represents a 14% drop from the previous campaign, when a total of 1,895 arrests were made.

Of the arrests, the three most common offence types were public disorder (31%), violent disorder (21%) and alcohol offences (16%).

The Championship contributed most to the arrest total with 28% supporting clubs from the second tier of English football. Near neighbours Birmingham City recording the most arrests for any individual club with seventy-two supporters having their collars felt during the 2016/17 campaign.

A total of nine Walsall supporters were arrested during last season. Compared with forty-three Wolves fans, seventeen Albion fans, and fifty-two Villa supporters.

The Home Office figures are the latest to show a long term drop in the number of football-related arrests. Almost halving over the last seven seasons: from 3,089 to 1,638 (a 47% drop).

As well as arrests declining, the number of active banning orders in 2016/17 also fell by 7% while the number of new banning orders issued fell by 5% compared to the previous season.

As of 7th August 2017 there was a total of 391 banning orders were in force for supporters of clubs playing in Sky Bet League One, with the Saddlers having thirty fans currently banned from attending games.

Taking a look at our local rivals, in terms of new orders made in the last year, 18 were issued against Birmingham City fans, up from 13 the year before; 11 against Aston Villa fans, up from six; three for Walsall fans, compared to four a year earlier. There were no new orders issues against West Bromwich Albion supporters last season, down from seven during the previous campaign.

10 clubs in England & Wales with the highest number of active banning orders
  1. Newcastle United - 111
  2. Wolverhampton Wanderers - 75
  3. West Ham United - 57
  4. Millwall - 55
  5. Manchester United - 49
  6. Liverpool - 44
  7. Barnsley - 43
  8. Chelsea - 42
  9. Birmingham City - 41
10. Burnley - 39

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