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Shorrock - The Hard Work Starts Here
Shorrock - The Hard Work Starts Here
Bescot Banter logo
Shorrock - The Hard Work Starts Here
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Shorrock - The Hard Work Starts Here

8:05 am Tuesday, 3 October 2017  
Will Shorrock, who recently agreed a one-year contract extension, has spoken of his desire to work his way into the Saddlers' first-team.
Walsall winger Will Shorrock has spoken following the news that he'd penned a one-year contract extension with the club, and has welcomed the new deal before discussing his desire to work his way into the first-team.

Will, who was speaking via, said; "A lot of hard work has gone into it so I’m pleased with the contract. It gives me a boost of confidence. I started out in pre-season and it came to an end - I got a ‘well done’ and I’ve got my reward - but now the same process starts again.

"The manager has been praising me and he’s credited my attitude more than anything. I stay behind after training and do extras - it’s attitude first and ability comes after. The manager has been telling me to keep it up and keep my standards high and I’ll work my way into the first team eventually."

Shorrock then went on to discuss how training with the Saddlers' other academy graduates will only help him, and the other Saddlers youngsters, develop as players. He continued; "They’ve inspired me, although they’re two or three years older than me. It shows that the Academy brings through players here. At other clubs you don’t even train at the same facility as the first team. Here, we get opportunities to prove ourselves in training every day because we train with the first team.

"We get match-time as well, loads of reserve games, so we get loads of opportunities to prove ourselves. With Kory, it’s his attitude. With Kins it’s his attitude. They do extras in training and train as they play, and that runs throughout the club."

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