Candlin - Walsall's Senior Pro's Are Making Me a Better Player

New pro Mitchel Candlin is keen to make the most of the advice being offered to him by Walsall's senior stars.
Walsall striker Mitchel Candlin, who recently penned his first professional contract, has spoken to club journalists and discussed how much advice he has been given by the club's senior pro's, insisting that he is keen to make the most of it.

Mitchel, who was speaking via Saddlers.co.uk, he said; "Yeah - they’ve been helping me on my body shape and stuff, telling me what runs to make. That’s making me a better player and I’m starting to use that advice. I’m really excited. There’s some good players in the team so hopefully I can get some minutes and help them to win more games."

Mitch then went on to talk about manager Jon Whitney, revealing that the gaffer is keen to help him develop into an all-round attacker, he continued; "He looks at me to get more of a hold of the ball and bring people into play. He wants me to be alert in the box and get goals. I feel like if I keep working, hopefully, I should be good enough. It’s a long time so hopefully I can develop as quickly as I am at the minute."

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