Wednesday, 12 July 2017

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Whitney to Hold Talks With Matt Preston Later Today

10:35 am Wednesday, 12 July 2017
22-year-old, Birmingham-born Preston has made fifty first-team appearances since turning pro in 2013.
As the Walsall squad return to Essington following their three-day boot camp at Cassius Camps, manager Jon Whitney has briefly spoken to the press and confirmed that he will be holding further talks with defender Matt Preston, who is now out-of-contract as his deal expired at the end of June.

Speaking via the Express & Star, Jon said; "I am sitting down and speaking to Matty about his future on Wednesday. We wanted to get through Cassius Camps. That was always the plan. To get that done and then sit down and speak.

"We wanted him to come away with us and work really hard on his fitness. I’ll have more of an idea on Wednesday what I’m going to do with Matty."

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