Whitney - Mark Bradley Will 'Lead by Example' Whitney - Mark Bradley Will 'Lead by Example'

Whitney - Mark Bradley Will 'Lead by Example'

Bradley, who replaces Hannah Price at the club following her departure in March, made 104 appearances for the Saddlers over five years between 2005 and 2010, before joining Rotherham United that July.
Walsall manager Jon Whitney has spoken to club journalists and backed new Strength and Conditioning coach Mark Bradley, who recently returned to the club following the premature end to his playing career, insisting the former Welsh international will 'lead by example'.

Speaking via iFollowWalsall and Saddlers.co.uk, Jon said; "Mark came in for a couple of days towards the end of the season but now he’s taken a session by himself, so he’ll start to really put his character and personality across. He can let the players know what he’s about and what type of strength and conditioning coach he’s going to be.

"It’s a learning curve for him but he’s got an abundance of energy and enthusiasm so that’s why I brought him in. I look for what I call keystone members of staff - staff that lead by example, really solid and stable on and off the pitch.

"Mark comes into that. I know Mark from when he had a few injuries here when he was a player, so I know he’s one of the best in the gym.

"When his name came up I was really interested in speaking to him. He had to retire through injury at a young age but he can develop with us and I’m sure the players will enjoy his infectious personality."
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