BLOG | The EFL Trophy Proposal - A Poor Solution to a Self-Inflicted Problem

On Friday afternoon it was revealed that sixteen Barclays Premier League Academy and/or Under 21s teams are set to next season's EFL Trophy.
On Friday afternoon it was revealed that sixteen Barclays Premier League Academy and/or Under 21s teams are set to next season's EFL Trophy. Below is our view on the situation along with details on how you can share yours.

As the total number of 'home grown' players plying their trade in the top-tier of the English game continues to drop, clearly there is a need to reform the Premier League's Reserve and Academy systems, however the real issue lies with the clubs' lack of desire to 'promote from within', with it being far easier to either sign from abroad, or wait until a lower league side has spent several years nurturing a player before swooping in and offering them a chance in the higher reaches of the game.

After all, using Walsall as an example, the Saddlers have the likes of Rico Henry, Kieron Morris, Matt Preston, Liam Kinsella, Reece Flanagan, Liam Roberts and Jordon Sangha in their first-team squad, all of whom progressed through the club's system, this, along with a plethora of other 'home grown' players already in the first-team squad along with those waiting to progress from the Centre of Excellence, it seems the issue doesn't appear to be at our level of the game.

The emergence of Manchester United's Marcus Rashford, who was reportedly a 2015/16 target of Crewe Alexandra, is a clear sign that there is talent in the Premier League's Under 21s system, however until the FA introduces a truly workable system that encourages teams to not only include several 'home grown' players in their squad, but in their matchday line-ups the national team will continue to suffer.

It is simply not right that the sides currently battling it out in League's One and Two should be faced with the prospect of taking on a Premier League U21 side who have nothing to lose, while the prize money on offer would be a mere drop in the ocean for those in the top tier, it could be the difference between survival and extinction for many others.

While we still don't know all that the FA/EFL have in mind with their proposal, it appears as though they are prepared to give the 'lower leagues' a bloody nose in favour of helping top-tier sides avoid taking any real action on an issue of which they are the author.

The very fact that the majority of teams eligible to vote actually accepted the proposal is a major cause for concern and the EFL must now move quickly to explain how the initial proposal was delivered, along with publishing what choices were the clubs given, is this the only way to help our national side, or simply the easiest?

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Grimsby Town supporter Nathan Hill has set up a petition with a view to seeing the proposals abandoned, you can view details, HERE.

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